The Book of Mudora is a complete Zelda fan game which includes eight full dungeons, a large open exploration world, and a number of side quests. The minimum game play time to complete is about 10 hours, with an average to complete and collect everything of 24 hours!

Love Breath of the Wild? Try Book of Mudora! There are a number of similar features between the two games:
  • A large open world, with a warp system to make it easier to get where you're going
  • A variety of collectibles, all of which serve a purpose in game
  • Full stamina system, with the ability to increase your stamina as you progress
  • Edible items which restore your stamina and health as you explore
  • Full day/night system, with ability to sleep and switch between day and night time
  • Find and change between a number of tunics, each of which have different abilities
Interested? Get the full game here!

The zip archive includes the executable for Windows. Other platforms (Mac, Linux) are available at