1. Z-Berry design

Z-Berry is the smallest* Z80 based computer ever built.
Original Z80 CPU, modern RAM and ROM with 74xxx discrete logic ICs.

* The smallest computer with original Z84C00 chip, not Zilog microcontrollers nor other Z80 derivatives.


Z80 CPU running at 10MHz (20MHz possible)
32kB ROM
512kB RAM
microSD card storage
1 output full 8 bit-port
1 input full 8-bit port
3 independent input pins
4 independent output pins
serial interface (57 600 Bd)
I2C bus
SPI bus
PS/2 keyboard connector
software driven LED
reset button
connector with almost full Z80 bus
5V powered via micro-USB connector
pluggable daughter board with real-time clock or OLED display
total 17 IC chips (including 3V3 regulator)
two layers PCB
credit card sized (85x56mm)
fits Raspberry Pi cases (but only a few of them fits perfectly)
firmware with SD card support

Firmware, demos, sources and  gerbers will be available in late July.

More info on request.

Read review (for English and other languages use translator)
Z-Berry boards flew to
* Poland
* Czech Republic
* Thailand
* U. S. A.
* U. K.
* France
* Serbia
* Ukraine
* The Netherlands
and few pieces are in Slovakia

Z-Berry Demo

Z-Berry Numeris game