A simple web page for  works past, present and future.

Hey there!

I decided to make a web page for my games, fiction, and short films.  This is that page.  I'll be replacing it with something different when I get a chance, because this site creator thing is completely broken and horrible.  But hey, there is some stuff here for now.



  • The Manlauncher (2009) -- a (translated) poem by Henri Michaux which I read and animated as a solo project using Flash.
  • Eye to Eye (2007) -- a short animation group project I did for a class at CMU. I did the story and storyboard for this one, as well as a good deal of animation, and a bit of modeling (using Maya, primarily).
  • Free (2006) -- an earlier short animation group project I did at CMU. For this one I mainly did peep decapitation scene (did the animation and made a custom maya shader for it) and the bird's shocked reaction. (Again, done with Maya)
Academic + more:
   See my academic page: http://jimmylands.com/