I am a Lecturer (~US Assistant Professor) at The Australian National University.

You can contact me at: Zach.A.Ward (at) gmail.com

  1. Immigration Quotas, World War I, and Emigrant Flows from the United States in the Early 20th Century (with Michael J. Greenwood), Explorations in Economic History, 55(1), pp. 76-96, January 2015
  2. Who Crossed the Border?  Self-Selection of Mexican Migrants in the Early 20th Century (with Edward Kosack), The Journal of Economic History, 74(4), pp. 1015-1044, December 2014 Online appendix
  3. The Circular Flow: Return Migration from the United States in the Early 1900s”, The Journal of Economic Historyforthcoming June 2016. [dissertation summary]

Working Papers

  1. Birds of Passage: Return Migration, Self-Selection and Immigration Quotas, November 2015
  2. There and Back (and Back) Again: Repeat Migration to the United States, 1897-1936, July 2015, revisions requested
  3. The Role of English Fluency in Migrant Assimilation: Evidence from United States History, January 2016 (email for copy)