Yves Schüler

I am Economist at the Research Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Konstanz in 2014 and attended the Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics. In the past, I held positions at the research department of the Inter-American Development Bank (2012), the Directorate General Macro-Prudential Policy and Financial Stability at the European Central Bank (ECB, 2014-2015), and the research department at the ECB (2016-2017). My work has been published in leading international journals, including the Journal of International Money and Finance and the Journal of Banking and Finance. At the University of Konstanz, Unversitá del Salento, and the University of Cologne I have taught both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Research interests:

  • Financial and business cycles
  • Macro-finance: (nonlinear) macro-financial linkages and financial stability, including macroprudential policy
  • Macroeconometrics: in particular, Bayesian methods, structural VARs, spectral analysis, and nonlinear models (especially quantile regressions)