Yu Yu Hakusho Gameplay Rules & Team Bonuses

For gameplay rules, see the Wikipedia article on the game:
Wikipedia: Yu Yu Hakusho Trading Card Game

A video was recently uploaded by NewBilf of Pojo showing off a lot of the basics on how to play the game. The video can be found here:

The Exile Rulebook is now available for download below. It is a .pdf file.
The CRD is available for download below. It is a .doc file.

Team Bonuses:
Team Urameshi
Gain 1 extra Spirit Energy during your Draw Step. When you pay the Attack Cost of an attack, the cards you discard are put at the bottom of your Deck in any order instead of being discarded.

Team Saint Beasts
At the end of your turn, draw a card.

Team Toguro
When you use an attack, you may discard up to 2 cards from your hand. That attack gains +3000 Attack Value for this turn for each card discarded in this way.

Team Masho
During Setup, after both you and your opponent reveal your 4 starting characters and you show that you have the Masho Team Bonus, search your Deck for a 5th character and reveal it. Put all 5 characters into your hand. Choose 1 of your 5 characters and put it into the Arena face-up and the other 4 facedown in the Match Slots of your choosing. Your characters only flip face-up when a card affects them, or when they enter the Arena. If you qualify for the Team Bonus after the game has started, then you just turn your characters facedown, without rearranging them.

Team Rokuyukai
Your characters with the Rokuyukai Team Symbol gain +2000 Defense.

Team Ichigaki
Cards attached to your opponent's characters on the Sideline are face-up instead of facedown.

Team Uraotogi
Your opponent cannot discard below 1 card in his hand when he pays for Attack Cost. Your opponent cannot draw cards while he has 6 or more cards in his hand.

Team Genkai
When 1 of your characters with the Genkai Team Symbol enters the Arena, you may search your Deck for a technique and put it in your hand.

Team Sarayashki
Once per turn, you may discard 1 of your face-up items in play and pay 1 Spirit Energy to search through your Deck for an item and put it in your hand.

Team Sensui
All of your characters with the Sensui Team Symbol are both Heroes and Villains for your card effects.

Team Koenma
When your opponent attacks one of your characters with the Koenma Team Symbol, discard the top two cards of your Deck. For each event discarded this way, your opponent's attacks gain -2000 Attack Value to a minimum of 0 Attack Value for this attack.

Team Mukuro
When your fighter deals damage to an opposing character, discard the top two cards of that player's Deck for each point of damage dealt.

Spirit Defense Force
All attacks used by your characters with the Spirit Defense Force Team Symbol gain +1000 Attack Value for each villain your opponent has in play.

Team Kuroko
You may use the face-up attacks on any of your characters in play. All of your attacks used by characters that do not have the Kuroko Team Symbol gain +1 Attack Cost.

Team Raizen
All of your Team Leaders gain +2000 Attack Value, and +2000 Defense.

Team Yomi
Once per turn, you can pay 2 Spirit Energy to play a card from your opponent's Discard Pile as if it we're in your hand. If you do, shuffle that card into your opponent's deck when it get's discarded from play.

Team Kurama
The number of Team Symbols you require to gain a Team Bonus is reduced by 1.

Raizen's Alliance
Events you play with a Spirit Energy of 1 or more gain -1 Spirit Energy to a minimum of 1.
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