My main research line focuses on the study of modern and fossil land snail shell assemblages via multidisciplinary approaches such as isotope geochemistry, taxonomy, taphonomy, paleoecology, morphometrics and aminoacid dating. I use all these proxies to attempt to reconstruct past environmental and ecological conditions, to estimate the quality and fidelity of the fossil record, to better understand organism-environment interactions, and to predict the ecological response of land snails to habitat perturbations. I am mostly interested in low-latitude oceanic settings, which are highly sensitive to human impact and global change. My primary field-research areas include the Canary Archipelago and The Bahamas.

Y. Yanes sampling limpets in Tenerife Island (2012)

Y. Yanes sampling in Mio-Piocene eolian deposits from Fuerteventura Island (2012)

Y. Yanes sampling a shell midden at Banwari Trace, Trinidad (2013)

Y. Yanes "snailing" above 2,000 meters a.s.l. in Tenerife Island (2007)

Y. Yanes sampling in Balloch, Glasgow (2011)

Y. Yanes in a Quaternary eolian section from La Graciosa Islet (2010)

Y. Yanes in a Quaternary eolian deposit from Lanzarote island (2011)

Dominik Faust, Tobias Willkommen, Yurena Yanes and Carsten Marburg during field work in Fuerteventura (2012)