5. R-package {capn}

R-package {capn}: Capital Asset Pricing for Nature

  • Installer (06-05-2017: v.1.0.0): available from R-CRAN
In R console: install.packages("capn")
Installer: capn on CRAN
            Yun, S., E. P. Fenichel, and J. K. Abbott, 2017, capn: Capital Asset Pricing for Nature (R Package), https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/capn/index.html.
            As capn is continually evolving, you may want to cite its version number. Find it with "help(package=capn)".

      Seong Do Yun, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Yale University (seongdo.yun@yale.edu)
      Eli P. Fenichel, Assistant Professor, Yale University (eli.fenichel@yale.edu)
      Joshua K. Abbott, Associate Professor, Arizona State University (joshua.k.abbott@asu.edu)

Maintainer / Bug report or question:
      Seong Do Yun (seongdo.yun@yale.edu)

R-package {capn} v.1.0.0 is an official release of R-package.

A collection of functions that implements the approximation methods for natural capital asset prices suggested by Fenichel and Abbott (2014) in Journal of the Associations of Environmental and Resource Economists, Fenichel et al. (2016) in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and a third method, and its extensions to multiple stocks (where feasible): creating Chebyshev polynomial nodes and grids, calculating basis of Chebyshev polynomials, approximation and their simulations for: V-approximation (single and multiple stocks), P-approximation (single stock, PNAS), and Pdot-approximation (single stock, JAERE).

Development of this package was generously supported by the Knoblock Family Foundation.

Depends: R (>= 3.0.0)

License: GPL (>=2)

Relevant References:

Development History:

08-03-2015  Development team launched to write R-package
08-17-2015   Team meeting at Yale University
01-18-2016    Beta test version v0.0.1 released to the developing group. The package named {nsim}
01-27-2016   The package name changed:  {capn}
03-16-2016   Beta test version v0.0.2 released to the online through Eli Fenichel and Seong Do Yun's website
03-20-2016  Beta test version v.0.0.2 promoted at the 2016 Natural Captial Symposium at Stanford University
03-30-2017  Beta test version v.0.0.3 released to the online through Eli Fenichel and Seong Do Yun's website
        The list of major updates
            - Changes of the order of input arguments in "aprox" and "sim" functions
                e.g.) vaprox(stada,aproxspace) -> vaprox(aproxspace,sdata)
                relevant functions: pdotaprox, paprox, vaprox, pdotsim, psim, and vsim
            - Two new functions
                plotgen: plot generator for shadow price or value function
                unigrids: generating uniform grids
            - Two dimensional example is included
                LV example
            - Demonstaration files are available
                GOM and LV
            - Reported typos since v.0.0.2 are corrected
            - Manual is updated for new updates and better reading
06-05-2017  Official release of v. 1.0.0. through R-CRAN 

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