The Yulluna Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is a Registered Prescribed Body Corporate to manage the recognised Native Title rights and interests of the Yulluna people.

The Board of Yulluna Aboriginal Corporation consists of a representative of all of the Yulluna Traditional Owners both young and older generations brings the knowledge and innovation to last a lifetime for our people. The Yulluna Aboriginal Corporation is the Prescribed Body Corporate for the Yulluna people and native title claim area.

The Yulluna people care for country for the future of their people, we are dedicated to delivering programs and services that impact both present and in the long term for our members. Yulluna Aboriginal Corporation brings long lasting benefits to the Traditional Owners in which it serves.

The Yulluna Country covers over 10,027 km2 in northwest Queensland, located south of Mt Isa and Cloncurry and to the west of Dajarra.

Strong Community brings a Stronger Future

Our vision is The Yulluna People caring for Country in a viable economy using both

traditional & modern knowledge.


We are the proud Yulluna People from North Western Queensland. We are the of descendants of our ancestors the Strong Yulluna Nation.


To provide guidance, support & knowledge to ensure The Yulluna People are modern custodians of their country while upholding traditions & cultural values.


To enable The Yulluna People to care for country in a strong social & economic environment using modern & traditional knowledge.


Corporation Membership applications now open

The Yulluna RNTBC directors now invite members to register for membership to the corporation.

For membership please email or ask corporation for membership forms.


  • Be over the age of 18.

  • Be from one of the Yulluna Descent Group

Yulluna directors participate in cultural heritage and seniors, disability services feedback

The Yulluna Directors were invited to lodge a submission with Cultural Heritage Acts Review Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships to the current review of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Acts, which is open for submissions until 31 March 2022. This is an important opportunity to have your views heard if you have had experience with trying to protect your cultural heritage under Queensland’s laws, we would like to extend our thanks to those who gave us feedback.


Running a corporation is not always easy. People have different experiences and opinions. But with the right attitude and a good process, responding to a complaint can strengthen a corporation.

It’s important that directors listen carefully to members and communicate regularly with them. Many complaints result from poor communication and misunderstandings. Receiving a complaint can be useful for a corporation. Complaints are a way for members and stakeholders to express what’s important to them, and to raise issues that need to be resolved.

Best-practice complaintshandling requires you to:

• look at complaints as a form of feedback from someone who cares about the corporation and its objectives

• be committed to resolving complaints—and prove that commitment to the complainant. By handling negative situations well, you can build a positive reputation for your corporation.

Any Complaints or concerns should be addressed with the Board of Directors by emailing or writing to the Yulluna Board of Directors.


We welcome you to Yulluna Country.

Come on a journey to discover our country. Learn more about our land and waters, these things that make us who we are. Our past and future is built on our spiritual connection to the lands and water, the water that brings life and the land supplies us our food.

Yulluna People