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We are looking for highly motivated graduate or undergraduate students who are interested in the research themes: Autonomous Navigation and AI Robotic Vision & Learning. If you would like to join us, please contact us Regardless of your major, our goal is to enjoy research with passionate colleagues in an academic atmosphere. For reference, graduate students in our laboratory receive support for full tuition, monthly stipends, conference participation expenses, and others.

연구실 소개자료, 주요 연구테마를 읽어보고 우리 연구실에 관심있고 함께하고 싶은 분은 언제든 아래 링크 또는 로 연락 주세요. 전공에 상관없이 열정이 가득한 동료들과 학구적 분위기 속에서 즐겁게 연구하는 것이 연구실의 가장 큰 목표입니다. 참고로, 본 실험실에서는 대학원 학생들에게 기본적으로 등록금 전액, 인건비, 학회 참가비 등을 지원합니다.

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09/2023: We are pleased to join us four new members in the integrated Bachelor and Master program: Jaemin Song, Hyung-Nam Cho, Minseok Kim, and Seung Joo Han.

08/2023: We have concluded a summer school on autonomous navigation (ROS2) and artificial intelligence (PyTorch), organized by the RAIN Lab, spanning four weeks.

07/2023: We have successfully conducted an educational program about autonomous navigation, organized by Engineering Certification Center at Dongguk University.

06/2023: We warmest welcome Ms. Ye-Rim Kim, as the second member of the master's program in our lab.

06/2023: We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the research interns on the third prize at the International Competition of EV Autonomous Driving for Univ. Students.

04/2023: We have been awarded two new research funds, one from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marin Engineering and the other from Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

03/2023: We warmly welcome Mr. Dong-Hyung Kim, the first student in our lab, who has commenced his academic journey in the master's program.

03/2023: I joined an assistant professor in the Dept. of Information Communication Engineering at Dongguk University. 

09/2022: Our paper was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (JCR 0.54%, IF 24.314 in 2021).

09/2022: I joined an assistant professor in the Dept. of Autonomous Vehicle Engineering at Korea Aerospace University.

02/2022: My paper was published in Advanced Engineering Informatics (JCR 3.8%, IF 7.862 in 2021).




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