Ongoing projects

~ Game-theoretic analysis of refugee protection as global public good provision ~

"Refugee resettlement" (with Katsunori Ohta), 02/2023 ver. (under revision)

"Asylum providers: Hawks or doves?", 07/2018 ver. (under revision)

~ Conflicting utilization of the commons ~

~ Economics of workplace harassment ~

Refereed publication

"What happens to the labour supply and schooling of the children left behind by temporary migrants?" (with Alison Booth)

Singapore Economic Review 67(4): 1457-1478, 2022 [2018]

"Two-aggregate games: Demonstration using a production-appropriation model" (with Richard Cornes & Roger Hartley)

Scandinavian Journal of Economics 121(1): 353-378, 2019 [2017]

"International coordination in asylum provision"

S. N. Durlauf & L. E. Blume (ed.) New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (online ed.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

"Asylum provision: A review of economic theories" (with Anjali Suriyakumaran)

International Migration 54(4): 18-30, 2016 [2015]

"Migrant smuggling when exploitation is private information"

Canadian Journal of Economics 46(4): 1463-1479, 2013

"Migrant smuggling"

Journal of Public Economics 94(7-8): 540-548, 2010

"Disagreement over the immigration of low-income earners in a welfare state"

Journal of Population Economics 19(4): 691-702, 2006

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