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    Aug., 16, 2019 : I updated "Publications".
    June, 1, 2019 : Due to my changing position from Specially appointed assistant professor to Research associate I moved to Takayama Field Station, Takayama city from Yanagido Campus, Gifu city. However, the affiliation is same as before, River Basin Research Center, Gifu University.
    Nov., 22, 2018 : I updated "Publications".
    Aug., 23, 2018 : I updated "Publications".
    Dec., 28, 2017 : I updated "Publications".
    May, 15, 2017 : I updated "Publications".

    Aug., 1, 2016 : I moved to Gifu university from Kyoto University (JSPS PD) to work as Specially appointed assistant professor in River Basin Research Center, Gifu University.
    June, 10, 2016 : I attended to The 7th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research (ICWRER2016) on June 5th - 9th, 2016 in Kyoto Terrsa to present my research ("Climate Change Impact Assessment on Nutrient Discharge Using Multi-Model and Multi-Scenario of GCMs in Shiretoko") as Oral presentation.
    Mar., 11, 2016 : I attended to JSCE Hydraulic Engineering Conference on Mar. 14th - 16th, 2016 in Tohoku Institute of Technology to present my research ("Climate change impact assessment method in observation data scarce basin") as Oral presentation.

    Dec., 11, 2015 : I attended to AGU fall meeting 2015 on Dec. 16th - 17th, 2015 to present my research ("Bias Correction of reanalysis data for assessment of climate change effects on river system in a data scarce area : a case study for precipitation and temperature") as Poster session.

    Sep., 14, 2015 : I attended to Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources (JSHWR) on Sep. 9 - 11, 2015 to present and introduce my research.

    August, 3, 2015 : I have been back to Japan (Kyoto University) from Australia since my visits to the UWA as a visiting postdoctoral researcher finished.

    January, 9, 2015 : I updated "Publications".
    January, 5, 2015 : Happy New Year!!
 August, 25, 2014
 : I am visiting University of Western Australia @ Perth, Australia as a visiting postdoctoral researcher from Aug. 20, 2014. I will return to Japan next July.
   July, 25, 2014
 : I will visit University of Western Australia @ Perth, Australia as a visiting researcher from Aug. 19, 2014 for about 1 year.
   July, 25, 2014 : I made a presentation entitled "Projection of Nutrient Discharge by Using Different Bias Correction Method for Precipitation in Shiretoko" in AOGS2014 @ Royton Sapporo Hotel. (My presentation was poster.)

Welcome to my website in English version!!
I am Dr. Yasuyuki MARUYA who works as Research associate at Takayama Field Station, River Basin Research Center, Gifu University from June, 2019.
I have studied about mechanisms of water and mass and nutrient circulation in a river basin by using a Distributed Hydrological Model (DHM).
Moreover, I have studied about the projection of nutrients and mass transportation and water resources in a river basin using General Circulation Models (GCMs) outputs with DHM.

This website would like to introduce my research, my publications, photographs which took when I went to the business trip, and etc.

Thank you. 

18 June, 2019