Journal Paper

  1. Fangyu Li, Yang Shi, Aditya Shinde, Jin Ye, WenZhan Song: Enhanced Cyber-physical Security in Internet of Things through Energy Auditing. IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IOTJ), 2019.
  2. Fangyu Li, Aditya Shinde, Yang Shi, Jin Ye, Xiang-Yang Li, WenZhan Song: System Statistics Learning-Based IoT Security: Feasibility and Suitability. IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IOTJ), 2019.

Conference Paper

  1. Yang Shi, Fangyu Li, Wenzhan Song, Xiang-Yang Li, Jin Ye: Energy Audition based Cyber-Physical Attack Detection System in IoT. ACM SigMobile China, 2019. (Oral Presentation, only student paper)
  2. Yang Shi, Fangyu Li, Tianming Liu, Fred R. Beyette, WenZhan Song: Dynamic Time-frequency Feature Extraction for Brain Activity Recognition. 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2018. (Oral Presentation, only student paper) (Slides)