Our Programs

1. Peace & Reconciliation:

This program works with youth to advocate for peace and create space for coexistence. With support from religious leaders, youth are taught the basics of dealing with conflicts and becoming tolerant of one another even when you disagree. We address this through projects like;

    • Community dialogues
    • Art and sports

2. Education

We want to address the challenges of education in Serere, this program support schools in the following areas.

    • Digital skills / computer science for rural school.
    • Infrastructural development
    • Business and entrepreneurship
    • Career guidance
    • Scholarships

We believe that involving all stakeholders can bring lasting solutions, this is why we involve communities is designing and implementing solutions collectively.

Past Projects.

  1. Blackboard project, Serere Secondary School
  2. Africa Code Week, 2016. This program directly trained over 100 young students in rural Teso with skills in computer coding for kids using scratch and over 200 benefited indirectly.
  3. Okimai Conflict resolution 2014. This was an effort to end the land tensions in Okimai village in Serere.