What Can "Filemaker Go" Do ?

The following is intended for those not familiar with the Filemaker products.

If you purchase the "Your Relatives" genealogy software for a desktop (MAC or PC), you also get the capability to go mobile on an iPhone or iPad with your genealogy data. You will have the same user interface and functionality on your iPhone or iPad as you get on your desktop. However, to go mobile, you must also download the "free" Filemaker Go apps from the Apple iTune Store, and install in your iPhone and / or iPad to run the "Your Relatives" on the go.

So, if you have installed Filemaker Go to take "Your Relatives" on the road, what else could can you do with the Filemaker Go app ?

Answer: There are many other products on the market that will run from within Filemaker Go. There are a few very powerful products that you can see with the links below. There are hundreds and probably thousands of Filemaker Go users with custom, private, small and large companies solutions running in Filemaker Go throughout the world. For some companies their solutions are targeting Filemaker Go on the iPad for obvious reasons. Peruse the links below, and search the web for Filemaker, and Filemaker Go.

FileMaker Solutions for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone

    Tasks Performed Using Filemaker Go