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Upfront with the Ugly:

  1. Importing a GEDCOM doc is very slow, my apologies, patience will be required.

  2. Generating a GEDCOM doc from Your Relatives is very slow, my apologies, patience will be required.

    You cannot import a GEDCOM from an iOS device, only from computers / laptops. But you may generate and email a GEDCOM doc from the iOS device.

But how often does one import or generate an GEDCOM doc ? Not often, maybe once, or twice ...

Upfront with the Good (no Bad):

On iOS:

  1. Dictation: On iOS (no less than iPhone 4S, and 3rd generation iPad, and iOS 5 or better), with Siri activated (and WiFi), you may use dictation to enter text in text fields. And can “Speak” the text in text fields.

  2. Containers: In iOS devices you will insert multimedia into container (one item per container) fields, these are the options:

Camera - lets take a photo and insert a photo or video.

Audio - lets you record a voice memo or other sound.

Signature - provides a screen that accepts a drawn signature using a fingertip or capacitive stylus.

Photos – insert photos from the Photo library on the iOS device.

Music – insert music from Music library on the iOS device.

Files – insert files from the on-device storage for FileMaker Go, called Files on Device, which appears on the FileMaker Go Home Screen. This is where FileMaker Go stores locally installed database files.

And from these containers you can view the photos, play the videos, play the recorded memos, sounds, and music. And if a file can be opened, you may open it to see the content, specially view the content of “pdf” files.

  • Feature: A full genealogy software application with a graphical display of family kinship that makes it easy to understand how kin are related to each other. The graphical display of family kinship provides easy viewing of kin for any individual in the database by clicking / tapping buttons. e.g. clicking buttons easily display Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, Uncles, 2nd Cousins, 1st Cousins 1's Removed (1C1R), ... thru seven generations. See Home Page figures below. You can document a large set of personal events and family events, each event with its own citation.
  • Desktop Versions: Windows (PC), OSX (MAC). Work on your desktop, and take your data with you on your iPhone or iPad. Vice versa, work on your iPhone or iPad then transfer to your desktop.
  • Mobile Devices: Need to do genealogy on your iPhone, no problem. Need or want to do genealogy on your iPad, no problem. Each desktop version above has a database component that can be transferred to an iPhone or iPad. Show your kin, update family data on the go, and then transfer data back to your desktop.
  • Web Viewer And Archive: A Web Viewer and Archive screen is provided and can store website bookmarks, notes with drag & drop text from the Web Viewer or a browser, and has "containers" for holding multimedia files: Photos, QuickTime, Sounds, Audio/Video, PDF, or any type of File, and store a person's address. The same functionality is provided on the iPhone / iPad as available on a desktop. On the Web Viewer you can display websites, use Google to do web research for your genealogy.
  • Iphone / Ipad: You may use voice dictation to enter text into text fields.

    To use Voice Dictation, you must have “Siri” activated in the iOS device, then meet all three of the following requirements:

    • You must be running iOS 5 or better on a supported device.

    • You must be connected to the Internet using WiFi or a cellular data connection.

    • You must be using a supported language.


    • Currently the new iPad (3rd generation) and the iPhone 4S are the only iOS devices that support Voice Dictation.

    • Currently Voice Dictation is supported for English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia), French (France), German (Germany) and Japanese (Japan). In 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish. 

On the road at a relative, or ... you encounter a document for a relative, no scanner in site, no problem, use your iPhone or iPad with a camera. Goto to the Webviewer / Archiver screen, select the relative, take a photo of the document, store directly into a container of an empty record, add a note, add a date and a time. This info. is now archived. More documents ? Repeat the above, i.e. take a photo of a birth certificate, military discharge papers, censor records, pages from a passport, or of an old family photo.
  • Download a 30 day Demo:
    • These 30 day demo's are fully functional, and can be transferred to an iPhone or iPad and back to a desktop. Choose your download appropriate for your operating system:
  • Download Your Relatives User Guides (These guides are the most up to date):
NOTE: To run the database component on an iPhone or iPad a separate "Free" app, Filemaker Go 13, is required and must be downloaded from the Apple iTune Store. Free: Filemaker Go 13 For iPhone; Free: Filemaker Go 13 For iPad.
  • Same Data: Two methods to have the same data between mobile devices and desktops:
    • Transfers Between Desktop and Mobile Devices, and back: iTunes, email, Dropbox. The database component (Family Data.fmpur) can be transferred using iTunes from a desktop to the iPhone or iPad, and from the iPhone or iPad to the desktop. Furthermore, the database component (Family Data.fmpur) can also be transferred by email from iPhone or iPad to a desktop, and vice-versa. However, if files become very large, email servers may not allow emailing, therefore using iTunes or Dropbox is preferredIf you have a Dropbox account, you can copy the Family Data.fmpur file (or other .fmpur file as appropriate) to your Dropbox. Then from your Dropbox transfer / copy the file to all devices and or computers. You may acquire / register for a free Dropbox account. It is a very convenient and secure method for saving, or sharing very large documents using the Cloud. Files you place in your Dropbox can be accessed from your mobile devices and or computers.
    • Import and Export GEDCOM documents: The Your Relative software on your desktop can import and export or save GEDCOM standard documents. From the iPhone or iPad you can create, view, email, and save a GEDCOM document, which you can then email and import on your desktop.
  • Reports: Currently 1 type of report in pdf format can be generated, that is, lists of relatives organized by kin relationships, e.g. Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, Uncles, 2nd Cousins, 1st Cousins 1's Removed (1C1R), ... thru seven generations. The report is in pdf format and has a small photo for each relative, and can be emailed from the desktop or iPhone or iPad. The Your Relatives genealogy software is not about paper printing reports, though you can can print the pdf documents, it is about displaying your relatives, kin, electronically. Display kin on a desktop, or laptop, or a mobile device, the iPhone, the iPad. On a Laptop or desktop only, you can append pdf reports to another pdf document to customize your reports before emailing. 


Typical Report Saved As pdf.

  • GEDCOM Documents: Importing GEDCOM documents can be performed only from a desktop. Currently mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) cannot import GEDCOM doc; however, they can create, export or save, view and email a GEDCOM doc.
  • NOTE: If you are importing a GEDCOM document created from different source, make sure to first insert the photos and documents into the folder called Your Relatives Docs. This folder can be found in the same location as the Your Relatives software application. The Your Relatives software will use the photos and documents from this folder to display them in the containers. The Your Relatives Docs folder must always be in the same location as the Your Relative software.

Before you buy, peruse the Screen Guides to see if this software will do what you want.

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VERY IMPORTANT (FOR WINDOWS USERS), after downloading the installers follow instructions below:

Installation Readme

For OSX:
  1. Double Click DiskImage to Decompress.
  2. Move or Copy the "Your Relatives" Folder to the Application Folder.
  3. Open the Your Relatives folder, open the Your Relatives application (Kind: Application, extension .app or .exe)
  4. From the earlier links download the various Your Relatives Guides, or go to the Your Relatives folder in the application folder to find and peruse this guides.
For Windows:
  1. Goto to the C Drive, and create a folder, Call it: Your Relatives.
  2. Open / double click the "Your Relatives.msi" file to expand.
  3. Install to the previously created folder, this location: C:\Your Relatives\        Do not install to the default: C:\Program Files\ ...  After installation a shortcut for the "Your Relatives.exe" should be created on your desktop, open this application.
  4. If Your Relatives asks for a User Name type, Admin; For Password, leave blank. It should not ask again.
  5. From the earlier links download the guides, or go to the installed Your Relatives folder and find the guides, and peruse this guides.

NOTE: To run the database component on an iPhone or iPad a separate "Free" app, Filemaker Go 13, is required and must be downloaded from the Apple iTune Store. Free: Filemaker Go 13 For iPhone; Free: Filemaker Go 13 For iPad.

Transfer To iPhone or iPad

A.  Use iTunes to transfer the database component (file with the .fmpur extension) from the computer to your mobile device:

1)  Connect your mobile device to your computer using the usb cable.
2)  On your computer, in iTunes, select your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad device, then click the Apps tab.
3)  Below File Sharing, select FileMaker Go from the list, then click Add.
4)  Select the database component (file with the .fmpur extension) to transfer, then click Choose.
5)  The database file is copied from your computer to your mobile device.
6)  On mobile device, select database in File On Device window.

 Email the database component (file with the 
.fmpur extension) from your computer to your email application on the mobile device.
  1. Tap on attachment in email application.
  2. Select Filemaker Go in pop-up window. Filemaker Go will open the Your Relatives database.
C. Use Dropbox:

From iOS to Dropbox (Dropbox app must be installed in the iOS device):
  1. Open Filemaker Go,

  2. Go to Files On Device,

  3. On top right, click on the file check mark icon,

  4. Click / tap on the desired Family Data.fmpur (or YR_Update.fmpur) file, a blue button with a checkmark should appear next to the file.

  5. On top left, click / Tap on the export icon, it has an arrow pointing up.

  1. Select “Open In Dropbox”. A copy of the file will be created in Dropbox.

From Dropbox to iOS:
  1. Open the Dropbox app.

  2. Click / tap on the file to transfer, usually Family Data.fmpur (or YR_Update.fmpur). You may have to wait for the file to load. If it is large it may take time.

  3. On the bottom left, click / tap on the export icon, it has an arrow pointing up.

  4. Select “Open In Filemaker Go”. You may have to wait for the file to load. If it is large it may take time.

  5. In Filemaker Go, Open the newly transferred file. 


The "Your Relatives" genealogy software has versions that run on: OS X (MAC), and Windows (PC) platforms. Each platform version provides a database component that will run on an iPhone and iPad mobile devices. To run the database component on an iPhone or iPad a separate free app, Filemaker Go 12, is required and must be downloaded from the Apple iTune Store.

The "Your Relatives" genealogy software easily displays kin, from Great Grand Parents through Great Grand Children, 7 generations, e.g. Great Grand Parents, 2nd Cousins, 1st Cousins, Grand Uncles and Aunts, and ...) of any person in the database.

Iphone Home Page 1
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Ipad and Desktop Home Page
(Click Image To Enlarge)

iPhone Web Viewer Page 1 and 3
(Click Image To Enlarge)

In the Your Relatives software on your desktop you can document and edit family genealogy data using manual data entry, you may export and import GEDCOM documents. Furthermore, the file with the .fmpur extension, "Family Data.fmpur" (the database component), can be transferred back and forth between a Mobile device and the computer using iTunes, or email. 

There is no auto sync-ing between mobile devices and computers. However, this software allows at least two methods to have the same data between a mobile device and a computer:
    1. Use iTunes on your desktop, or
    2. Use email.
    3. Use Dropbox, To and from Dropbox to all mobile devices and desktops.
    4. Use GEDCOM documents, and import from a desktop, then transfer the database component (Family Data.fmpur) to a mobile device.
NOTE: You only have a license to install in 3 different machines, a desktop and iPhone and iPad, or two desktops and iPhone or iPad. The software will not run on a fourth electronic device.

About The Your Relatives Software. 

The "Your Relatives" software is made up of two components. On the computer, inside the Your Relatives folder there is the Your Relatives application component, and the database Family Data.fmpur component. The file with the .fmpur extension contains the content of the database; hence, can be transferred between computer and mobile device, and vice-versa.

Similarly on mobile devices, there are two components. There is the Filemaker Go app, and there is the Family Data.fmpur component. The applications: Your Relatives (on your desktop), and Filemaker Go (on your mobile device), are used to open and run the Family Data.fmpur database components.

To run on a mobile device, iPhone or iPad, the free Filemaker Go 13 for iPhone (Filemaker Go 13 For iPad) is required to be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Must be obtained from Apple's iTunes Store. There is the Filemaker Go 13 for iPhones, and a separate one for iPads.

Above figures shows page one of the iPhone home pages, and the iPad/computer home page. The following link provides more details for the various iphone, iPad and Computer Screens / Pages for the Your Relatives software.

"Your Relatives" And GEDCOM Documents.

The GEDCOM 5.5 standard has extensive capabilities for documenting all sorts of information about an individuals genealogy.

NOTE: Though genealogy software applications claim adherence to GEDCOM 5.5 standard, there are usually some variation in the implementation. Hence, not all details are imported as expected. Regretfully a fact of life in dealing with importing genealogy GEDCOM files. For genealogy applications, most "events" import correctly; on the other hand, citation details are often problematic. If a genealogy software application achieves about 90% of properly placing imported GEDCOM details from a different genealogy software application, that is pretty good. This is an opinion offered by this developer.

The Your Relatives software uses the following set of the data available from the GEDCOM 5.5 standard. For an individual, partners, children, and families:

  1. Last Name
  2. First and Middle Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Date of Death
  6. Place of Death
  7. Notes
  8. Photos
  9. Occupation, with note
  10. Religion, with note
  11. Education, with note
  12. Various Name Type: Maiden, married, aka, prefix, suffix and others
  13. Document 21 Events for an Individual: Birth, adoption, baptism, death, burial, cremation, emigration, immigration, graduation, first communion, Bar Mitzvah, Bas Mitzvah, and many others.
  14. Source Citation documentation for every Event, with notes, and multimedia storage.
  15. Document 9 Events for a Family: Marriage, divorce, annulment, engagement, marriage contract, and others
  16. Source Citation documentation for every Family Event, with notes, and multimedia storage.
  17. Web Viewer and Archiver, allows recording addresses, allows viewing websites, recording notes, and storing documents and photos. These data are also saved to the GEDCOM file.
Only the above data for an individual, partners, children, and families are imported from a GEDCOM document generated by another source. It is also the only data exported or saved in the GEDCOM format by this the "Your Relatives" software.

NOTE: If you are importing a GEDCOM document created from a different source, make sure to first insert the photos and documents used by that source into the folder called "Your Relatives Docs". This folder can be found in the Your Relatives folder where the Your Relatives software application resides. The Your Relatives software will use the photos and documents / files from this folder to display them in the containers.

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