Here are details of the penalties applied this season.  Penalties for incomplete cards includes missing match details such as date and player's surnames.  If you have any queries regarding penalties applied please email

Unplayed Fixtures
Ladies' Division 2RiversideSt John's
Ladies' Division 2St John'sHuntington
Men's Division 1RI T/T (A)University Students
Men's Division 3Tadcaster '86St John's A
Defaulting team shown in italics
Late cards
DivisionHomeAwayFixture DateDate Card Received
Men's Division 4*York R.I. (T/T) C Pickering13-10-1618-10-16
Men's Division 4York R.I. (T/T) C York R.I. (M/W) C 20-10-1601-11-16
Mixed Division 2Tadcaster '86 A Fulfordgate A 16-11-1630-11-16
Mixed Division 1York R.I. (M/W) A York R.I. (M/W) B 05-12-1609-12-16
Men's Division 2York R.I. (T/T) B Clifton B 06-12-1619-12-16
Mixed Division 4*York R.I. (T/T) C Knavesmire03-01-1708-01-17
Mixed Division 1Clifton B Clifton C 16-01-1722-01-17
Mixed Division 4KnavesmireYork R.I. (T/T) C 18-01-1723-01-17
Ladies' Division 2*University StudentsSelby Jubilee26-01-1726-04-17
Men's Division 4St. John's B York R.I. (T/T) C 29-01-1702-02-17
Ladies' Division 2*University StudentsSt. John's07-02-1726-04-17
Men's Division 4*St. John's B Selby Drax B 12-02-1730-04-17
Men's Division 1*University StudentsSelby Drax A 21-02-1726-02-17
Men's Division 2RiversideHuntington28-02-1709-03-17
Men's Division 4St. John's B York R.I. (M/W) C 19-03-1730-03-17
Men's Division 2David LloydClifton B 20-03-1724-03-17
Men's Division 1*University StudentsYork R.I. (M/W) A 04-05-1709-05-17
*cards were also incomplete - see below.  
Incomplete Cards
DivisionHomeAwayReason - missing details
Men's Division 1York R.I. (M/W) B York R.I. (M/W) A Player's surnames 
Men's Division 1York R.I. (M/W) A University StudentsMatch date 
Men's Division 1Clifton A York R.I. (T/T) A Match date 
Men's Division 1University StudentsYork R.I. (M/W) B Match date & division info 
Men's Division 2York R.I. (T/T) B Selby JubileeClub/team name not fully completed
Men's Division 4*York R.I. (T/T) C PickeringPlayer's surnames 
Men's Division 4York R.I. (M/W) C PickeringMatch date 
Mixed Division 4KnavesmireMiddlethorpeDivision info 
Mixed Division 4*York R.I. (T/T) C KnavesmirePlayer's surnames 
Men's Division 1*University StudentsSelby Drax ATeam names, date & division 
Ladies' Division 2*University StudentsSelby JubileeTeam, divison & player's surnames 
Ladies' Division 2*University StudentsSt. John'sTeams & player's surnames 
Men's Division 4*St. John's BSelby Drax BPlayer's names 
Men's Division 1*University StudentsYork R.I. (M/W) AMatch details & player's surnames