Class Etiquette

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Class Etiquette


Namaste.... (bow)


    (Means: Spirit in me sees Spirit in You,

      there we  are one)


Please remember our time together is honoring Sacred Space.


Please remove shoes upon entering studio.


While clothed, a few moments will be used to

discuss overall health & any physical limitations.


Please honor the boundaries of the teacher.

 (Be mindful of holding Sacred Space)



                                                                                photo: Tom Santelli 


~ Lotus Petal Wisdom ~

( by Venerable Beop Jeon, the Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism )

When raindrops fill a lotus petal, the petal sways for a while together with each drop, and when the water has pooled to a certain extent, the petal pours the pure crystal-like water away without any regret or attachment.

Then when the water falls again onto the lotus leaf below, there again it wells up and rolls right on off again, emptying into the lotus pond.

Observing this spectacle with no-mind, I thought, "The lotus petal takes on only as much weight as it can hold; anything more and it empties everything out completely!"

I have been completely struck by such wisdom.

Were the lotus to instead take the water greedily, the petal would end up tearing or its stem would snap.

The principles for living in the world are exactly the same...