Current Research

Global Value Chains and Inequality with Endogenous Labor Supply (with E. Lee), forthcoming, Journal of International Economics

Sectoral Heterogeneity and the Gains from Trade (with R. Giri and H. Yilmazkuday), revision requested

Accounting for Structural Change over Time: A Case Study of Three Middle Income Countries (with M. Sposi and J. Zhang)

Accounting for the Sources of the Recent Decline in Korea’s Exports to China (with M. Choi)

Structural Change and Deindustrialization (with M. Sposi and J. Zhang)

The Role of Trade in China’s Growth (with J. Ju, V. Yue and J. Zhang)

An Accounting of the Decline in China’s Trade (with Y. Zhang)

Firm-Level Structural Change (with F. Saffie and L. Varela)

Multinationals and Structural Change (with V. Alviarez, C. Chen, N. Pandalai-Nayar, L. Varela, and H. Zhang)