Myth 1: All colleges recalculate GPAs.
Fact: About half of US colleges do not recalculate GPAs.

Myth 2: There are more AP and Honors courses in STEM than in humanities.
Fact: The opposite is true:
Source: 2017-18 course catalogs

Myth 3: More Paly students are accepted by Ivy League colleges than Gunn students.
Fact: The opposite is true:
Source: Naviance

Myth 4: Weighted GPAs will enable students to be ranked.
Fact: This depends on what GPA statistics are included in the school profiles. Gunn currently only reports GPA ranges for unweighted GPAs which places the top 48% in a single bucket:
Class of 2017 (6 semesters)
GPA Range (un-weighted)Number of students
3.76 - 4.0218
3.51 – 3.7596
3.01 – 3.5095
2.51 – 3.0031
2.50 and below10

Myth 5: Weighted GPAs can be reported upon request.
Fact: Some colleges require all students to report the same way. For example University of Oregon only accepts weighted GPAs if they're reported on all students' transcripts.
Source: Parents called University of Oregon.