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"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease." - Voltaire
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for stumbling onto this page on your quest to find information on the internet.  This site will be semi-formal, where you can sit at your computer in a tuxedo jacket and boxers, enjoy information that I will try to maintain, keep in touch with me through various methods, check out projects I'm working on, and also view updates on my education and career.

I am currently working as a Doctor of Medicine for the Emergency Department in Sisak Moslavina County.  I am hoping to start an NPO called HUMAN.Croatia.

The mission of this organization is to create a healthy community in a centralized location that is based on Dr. Patch Adam's Gesundheit! Institute.  Except for medical and palliative care, services of the community will be COMPLETELY FREE  and SELF-SUSTAINABLE and will be simplified into:

1. Physical - To create a private 24-bed, one family doctor, one surgeon and one internist polyclinic, called Klinika za integriranju nadu i dobrote (KIND), that will serve the community and surrounding areas and to alleviate the health care burden of neighboring counties and countries.
2. Mental - To educate and empower younger and older generations with practical life skills and instill responsibility and the feeling of self-worth into their minds by volunteer work in different areas available within our compound.
3. Social - To be neighborly with the surrounding communities and to help them by offering mobile medical, veterinary and other services based on volunteer work.
4. Environmental - To create a farm and greenhouse where we can be self-sustainable as well as educate neighbors, volunteers and visitors about updated, high-tech, eco-friendly production.
5. Spiritual - To educate our volunteers and the community and neighbors about love and to restore faith to reduce the denigration of each other's differences based on race, age, sex, belief, etc.

I finished my medical internship from KBC "Sestre Milosrdnice" and passed my State Licensing Examination (April 2013).  I have interest in holistic and alternative therapies, public health, pathology and general practice.  I would like any visitors to this webpage to contact me if you have any employment opportunities or if you are willing to help with HUMAN (we need a large plot of land and lots of help!). Check out my full curriculum vitae!

So sit back, put both hands on your mouse or all ten fingers on your trackpad, and get ready to click through the dot com site of Yeop Azman!

Hello!  I don't know who reads this website or stumbles on this, but if you are in Croatia and are a student who needs help in paying for tuition, I am offering 1000 kn scholarship monthly.  The rules are simple.  Meet me for coffee and then make me laugh.  If you are able to make me laugh, then I will transfer 1000 kn into your account.  Why am I doing this?  I want people to be positive in nature and have hope for a better future.  

I wish you all good luck! :)