Going Baroque

You suddenly find yourself transported back to the late 1600s, surrounded by curly white wigs and poofy E
dresses.  Music is playing in the courts, and looking around, you see famous composers, such as TelemannS
Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel.  You take a moment to sample a meat pie and drink in the atmosphere. A

Soon, it dawns on you that you have no way to get home!  Just then, Antonio Stradivarius walks up to you C
and hands you an instrument, and without saying anything, walks away.  You look down at the violin M
and realize that, on the inner label, it says, “I know how to get you home.  The secret is hidden in a O
S safe in my workshop.  You must get these locks open before the end of class to make it home!”  E

Will you crack the code and make it back to your own time period?  Or will you have to become Baroque 'S BIRTH  forever?  DAY  

Going Baroque! Breakout

The first 8 notes of this cello suite make up one of the most well-known Baroque motifs in the world!
(Recording courtesy of Christopher Costanza)

Who wouldn't want to be at this party?

A Baroque Orchestra: