Breakout Instructions

What is a breakout?

A breakout is similar to an escape room - you are searching for clues that will give you codes to unlock the "lock" and break out! Look around this page for clues. Look for anything clickable, bolded letters, invisible text, and anything that might give you an order of colors or numbers for a lock. Every code has a logical path to it.

All of the information that you need should be available on this website and the pages that it links to. However, Google is always a good friend. :)

The games require a degree of critical thinking and will not always be completely straightforward. There is no penalty for guessing wrong, so don't be afraid to try multiple answers in the form!

More information available on BreakoutEDU.

Can I do a sample clue?

Say that you are trying to unlock a 6-letter lock and you find these emojis on a page:


There are six of them, and they are in order, so those are both promising signs! How could you get 6-letters from them?

You could try their colors -Orange, Red, Red, Green, Purple, Red. This would be great for a color lock, but you are looking for a word.

Another option is the names of the fruits - Peach, Apple, Cherry, Kiwi, Eggplant, Tomato. (If you didn't know any of them, you could copy the emoji and google it). The first letter of each word forms "PACKET." You enter this into the form (in all caps) and break out!

I'm still stuck. What can I do?

Check your work - is this a logical guess? Did you miss a letter, number, or color? Did you type it in correctly?

Take a step back. What kind of code are you looking for? Are there any of those elements (like numbers, letters, or colors) on the page? Is there any indicator for which order you should put them in?

Ask a friend or family member. Unless your teacher has specifically specified this to be an individual activity, teamwork is heavily encouraged. Two minds work better than one!

Email (for teachers only)