A Classical Caper

One day, while practicing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for hours on end (because that’s what all orchestra students do, right?), you suddenly get sucked into the page and realize you are sitting in a rehearsal in Vienna in 1781, under the direction of none other than Mozart himself! Suddenly, the Archbishop von Colloredo comes storming in, and without a word, grabs Mozart by the arm and marches him away.

Surprised, you put your instrument down, and go off to inquire about what happened to your friend. You find out that the Archbishop is planning on locking Mozart up forever, deprived of his music, as a punishment for an earlier disagreement! If this happens, the world will never know many of Mozart’s greatest works! He is currently in a holding cell, but in 45 minutes, the Archbishop will be transferring him to the deepest, darkest dungeon to stay forever. His cell has a series of locks on the door - can you open them in time to save Mozart’s music for the world?

At the TIME OF the Classical Era, the FIRST modern pianoFORTEs were invented,

and quickly became the instrument of choice for keyboard players!

“Love! Love! Love! That is the soul of...!"

~Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart