20th Century/Modern Music Mania

You’ve joined the band!  Congratulations!  The rest of the group tells you that, until you can prove your musical genius, you will only be allowed to play one instrument.

The cowbell.

The only way for you to move to a different instrument is to solve these puzzles to show that you know your music!  You’d better do it quickly - your first performance will be here before you know it!

(all lowercase)

Composers in the 20th century sought to use music to express themselves in new and different ways.  For example, in Dmitri Shostakovich's 8th String Quartet, he included his musical signature - DECB - over and over again.  Where did this motif come from?  In history, B-natural has sometimes been referred to as the musical note "H".  Shostakovich converted his initials (with German spelling & pronunciation): D. Sch, or De-Es-Ce-Ha, to the musical notes D-E-C-B.  Read more about it here!