Yoo Research Group

Low-Dimensional Materials Laboratory

Our lab develops new chemical methods for synthesizing emergent low-dimensional materials and explores their unique physical properties to exploit them for technological applications. We also develop new chemical strategies for building heterostructures composed of these low-dimensional materials and utilize them for harvesting energy and fabricating novel electronic devices.


2019.01.02 Jeonghwan Bae joins the lab.

2018.12.19 The Raman/PL mapping system is installed in the lab.

2018.11.30 Prof. Yoo gives a talk at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, United States.

2018.11.17 Prof. Yoo gives a talk at the Ajou University–Chiba University Joint Symposium.

2018.09.12 Undergraduate students Il-Han Yoo and Da-Young Lee join the lab.

2018.08.24 We've built our second CVD system in the lab.

2018.07.02 Hyeonkyeong Kim joins the lab.

2018.06.29 We've finished setting up our first CVD system in the lab.

2018.04.20 Prof. Yoo gives a talk at the KCS spring meeting.

2018.03.15 Seung-Hyun Song and Chan-Gu Lee join the lab for their undergraduate research projects.

2018.03.02 The lab is officially open.