YaYa Chinese School offers Pre-K, After School, and Summer Camp programs that focus on each student's individual needs in providing an immersive experience in Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Pre-K Program

The objective of the Pre-K program is to provide a solid foundation in Mandarin speaking skills to prepare students for additional Mandarin based education as they move on to Kindergarten and beyond.  A true Chinese Immersion program, all activities are lead by He Laoshi in Mandarin, with English used as a supplement as needed for each individual student based on their level of Mandarin comprehension and knowledge.  Pre-K accepts potty trained students from ages 2-5.  Additionally a healthy homemade lunch and snacks are provided daily.

Download the Pre-K schedule here.

After School Program

Students can continue learning with He Laoshi after Kindergarten starts!  The after school program focuses on continuing students learning of Mandarin using a Chinese Immersion approach.  Homework assistance and instruction is provided in Mandarin, with English as a supplement as needed by each individual.  Students also have time to relax and play with friends to develop critical social skills, both in free play as well as in guided activities such as children's Tai Chi and Kung Fu, performing arts, Chinese calligraphy, and crafts.

Download the After School schedule here.

Summer Camp Program

In addition to the traditional morning and afternoon sessions, Ya Ya Chinese School offers a full or part time summer camp program in the summer months.   Activities for all sessions include crafts, calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, Tai Chi, children’s Kung Fu, and music.  Summer camp also includes numerous field trips to local parks and attractions.  A healthy, home made lunch and snacks will be provided for the children's nourishment daily.

All activities allow the students significant opportunities to develop Mandarin speaking, reading, and writing skills, and develop appreciation of Chinese culture. English is used as a supplement to facilitate student's learning based on students individual Mandarin comprehension and knowledge.