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Ya Ya Chinese School offers children an immersive experience in Chinese culture by teaching Mandarin speaking and reading skills, children's Kung Fu and Tai Chi, calligraphy, painting, hand work/arts and crafts, and music, all within the context of a small, loving family day care setting.  Each student gets individual attention from Teacher He, a Tai Chi master and teacher with 22 years experience teaching Mandarin to children in the public elementary school system in China.  He Laoshi (Ya Ya) uses this experience to engage students thereby encouraging curiosity, learning, and development of social skills and confidence.  He Laoshi uses English instruction as a supplement to the Mandarin based education program when needed to encourage learning and social development.  Students are provided many opportunities for enrichment that extend beyond the classroom in the form of field trips and school/community events.   The children are also given a nourishing home made lunch and snack each day.

Please call or email for more information or feel free to complete the Application for Enrollment.  

亚芝在中国是一个有25 年教学经验的教师,在美国也有多年教授低幼儿中文的经验。她根据孩子年龄小,通过简单的词汇,句型,儿歌,游戏,手工等系统的学习和训练,使孩子具有最基本的汉语听说能力,从而培养孩子从小说汉语,写汉字的习惯和兴趣。

 亚芝开设课后中文班和暑期中文班,她会在中国文化的基本范围中,将重点放在太极, 儿童功夫,音乐,绘画,书法,以及一些手工。将会帮助孩子们完成家庭作业, 数学辅导和珠心算的教学

暑期中文班在原有的内容上新增加,三字经,论语,相声,小品,话剧,中文写作,同时还有cooking class 和游泳课。

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