A Card-Based Method for Scientific Paper Writing

This is a short article describing a step-by-step method to write a scientific article (paper). Before I established this method, I've consulted with several "introduction of scientific paper writing" type of books (mainly in Japanese). I found some of them are only concentrate on exterior styles of writing, while the others are actually describing the method for study/research organization. To be honest, none of them satisfied my purpose; a self conclusive text for paper writing especially for graduate students.

After coaching several under graduate and graduate students for paper writing, I decided to write a short instruction by my self. In this short text book, I first define the purpose of scientific paper writing, and then provides step-by-step method to organize a paper from a chunk of research elements, e.g., theory, data obtained by experiments/simulations, logic, your opinion, and references/literature. From this short instruction, you may learn how your can create a logic to be presented in your paper from your research elements, and how your can present it.

This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 License (CC BY-ND 3.0), so you can re-distribute this material without any permission of the author. However, I'd be happy to have your criticism and positive feedback.

Joschi, Yoshiaki Yasuno
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