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Issues Addressed Since the Previous Draft (23 Sep 2013)

  • (Not really an erratum) The reference to 2001:DB80:: (yes it's 'DB80' not '0DB8' or 'DB8') in the remark at the end of Section 2.3 is not a typo although it may seem such. It is there to point out that some folks are already using the wrong prefix 2001:DB80::/32 for their examples. To spot such examples online, one would, e.g., google for '2001:DB80::', as suggested in the text. (Spotted by Alan Somers)
  • Remark on Archimedes's sand reckoning in Section 2.1: The actual average atomic weight of quartz is 20 a.u., not 30 a.u. This typo doesn't affect the orders of magnitude discussed there. (Spotted by Oleg Bulyzhin)