Welcome to the Plant Evolutionary Biology Laboratory at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico!
I am Yalma L. Vargas-Rodriguez, a Professor based at the University of Guadalajara and the Principal Investigator of the laboratory. I am a member of the National Research System (Mexico, CONACyT). I earned my doctoral and master degree at the Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, USA). 

I am broadly interested in historical and contemporary factors that influence plant species distribution and genetic diversity. I apply descriptive and multivariate techniques to answer questions about plant communities' distribution and environmental variables related to species presence. I adopt molecular and bioinformatics tools to study the evolutionary conditions that have promoted genetic and phenotypic diversity, within an historical, geographic, and climatic context. I combine this knowledge to establish conservation guidelines for tree populations.

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#phylogeography of oaks
#bioinformatics tools to analyze next-gen data
#molecular markers for basswoods
#reproductive biology of maples