The story of my beginnings with python...

I tried python a few months ago. It was exciting. At that time i was still a student at université Paris 8 in France (inferno.cs.univ-paris8.fr/~chaouche), and i played whith some while and made my first "big" program in python : pyano ! (PYthon Action Now !). It's a library built on top of pyopengl, which is itself a wrapper of the opengl library. pyano was designed to help programmers write quickly 3D applications in python, but this project is still incomplete... Actually, it is just a 3D file loader (.obj file format only) that loads the model on the scene and let you control it (move it with arrows, rotate it and so on)... It also provieds a camera that performs every movement possible, even more, it can lock on an object, like a vehicle or plane, or even follow it on the tail. It could even follow one object while focusing on another !


In the beginning, i wanted to create a 3D tanks game, but i wanted it to be as flexible as possible, so the code was quickly split into tanks game code part and all the underlying 3D stuff code part. And then, i wondered if pyano was alerady an existing software or library name, and it was ! so i decided to call it LET'S 3D ! - Little Easy Techniques for Simple 3D !-, which was closer to the library functionnalties.