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Welcome to what amounts to the infancy of my fanfic website.  We shall see if my attempts are in anyway successful...lol.

Who is Xof?  A long time fan of fandom from way back in the day.   (Ohhh, look - there's this NEW thing called the Internet!!! Wow...)

My net-handle is pronounced X-O-F - which means you say each letter separately.  And it is Fox spelled backwards.  (Yes, that DOES make me an X-Files fan!)

You can find out more about me here:    Xof1013 - "Blow Them At The Moon" LiveJournal 

 FAN FICTION  - Stories feature Adult Content - If you are under the legal age of consent in the country in which you live, then do not read my fics.

 Main Featured Fandoms:                                   Other Works: 

Queer As Folk - UK                                                CSI                                                            RPS - (AI)

Queer As Folk - US                                                From Eroica With Love                     Secretary

RPS - Superfruit                                                       La Femme Nikita                                 X-Files


(Most of my stories are SLASH fiction, which means men loving men.  If this bothers you, then kindly remove yourself from my website.  Open Minds = Open Doors.  Many thanks!)

 Other Stuff: 

For fans of Aidan Gillen and/or Craig Kelly - 
Fan videos I have created based on their work in Movies and Television!  Enjoy...

For fans of Aidan Gillen and/or Craig Kelly
I invite you to take a look at the collection of photos and screencaps I have accumulated over the years - hundreds of pics (many rare!) for you to browse through!  Enjoy...

For fans of  "Queer As Folk" (UK)  - 
Have a listen to these Definitive Collection DVD Commentary Sound Files - 
Featuring cast members Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly, Antony Cotton, Denise Black and QAF writer Russell T Davies!  Enjoy...

For fans of  "Queer As Folk" (US)  - 
A look back at the series that captured the attention of soooo many fans - Enjoy...

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