I am a PhD scholar at FAIR Research Center, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). My research interests include behavioral economics, experimental economics, and public economics. My research work is related to risk attitudes, ambiguity attitudes, social preferences, decision making and institutions, and performance and incentives.

You can download my CV here.

You can download my job market paper here.


Prof. Erik Ø. Sørensen (erik.sorensen@nhh.no, supervisor), NHH

Prof. Alexander Cappelen (alexander.cappelen@nhh.no), NHH

Prof. Bertil Tungodden (bertil.tungodden@nhh.no), NHH

Associate Prof. Torfinn Harding (torfinn.harding@nhh.no), NHH

Assistant Prof. Peiran Jiao (P.Jiao@maastrichtuniversity.nl), Maastricht University and University of Oxford CESS