Difference between our folding carts and competitors    

 Hand craft (Made in Japan)

Our product is a good product of the cost efficiency.



What is the ABOGI folding stainless steel cart ?   


The  ABOGI folding stainless steel carts are pursuing usability which can not be followed by any other competitors.
The ABOGI folding stainless steel carts which are produced with our experience over the years and proven performance,are designed to fit comfortably in hands as well as safety and stability sticking to R-curve designing.

Ⅰ. Trustworthiness


Made in Japan


Hand craft



The picture below shows the length of 10 carts in a row as an example.
The carts equipped with "functionality" and "storage-friendly" are absolute condition when the space is limited.


Ⅱ. Qualityquality









Our Tokuyama products have advantages in 3 points.





Safety while folding is outstanding


Most of competitors' products fall down easily due to poor stability when folded.
It can not be noticed by the picture in the brochure.
The most of the cases, Such problem is realized after purchase.
Our folding carts can be used even folded halfway and can maintain self-standing even fully folded because we are using 100φ double wheel casters to retain stability.






Last much longer time with superior durability


The most of competitors joint the parts together by screwing.
In case of screwing, loose screw mightcause by vibration while repeated use, and can not keep folding position ending up opening the shelf by itself.
We are using press bonding with rivets and our products can maintain the original folding quality even after long use.





Excellent cleanliness and safety


We are not conducting welding to our products at all.We are using special reinforced resins to all the junctions of parts        to be free from getting rust at the welding points where usually bacteria propagates.
Because of this, our products are superior in cleanliness. Causing sharp portion is unavoidable when welding.
As we are so particular about "R-processing" when producing, our products are finished to be user-friendly and with superb safety. 


Ⅲ. FunctionalityFunctionality




Effective utilization


ease of use




Use wide and store in compact size



The picture below shows the length of 10 carts in a row as an example.
The carts equipped with "functionality" and "storage-friendly" are absolute condition when the space is limited.


Unfolded condition






When stored with folded shape





Ready to use upon delivery



・Neither complicated instruction manuals nor tools are required. It is a folding cart.  Just take out a cart from the carton box, and it is ready to use right away.
・Our products can suit your various purposes.  



Application examples. ( Healthcare Industry ) 

 Hand craft (Made in Japan)


Supplying to : Medical Care Facilities, Nursing-care facilities,Nursery schools,Laboratories,Welfare facilities,Hotels,Kitchens,Factories, Kindergartens,Railroad companies,Offices.
※Photos are exampkes.