Words from others

Reflections from the workshop in Slovenia:

Dear Dear Jenny,

Thank you very much for a fantastic journey into the different realms: exploring the elements, directions, animal kingdom, sacred spaces and ourselvesAfter experiencing the surrounding world, we painted.

There was no clear contrived image but a conversation and relationship with colour. From our deepest darkest soul encounters, images appeared on the paper and a painting was complete. The process was as important as the final

image. I felt lighter and strangely peaceful after this weekend. It was nothing that I thought it would be. It was a life-changing experience and has helped me to find my path. It was great to share this with you.

Love, light and laughter, Rupa x

and from a taster session for local people, this:

I have always thought that I can't draw. Today I created the first painting I liked.

It was a great experience to see that there are still things I haven't explored

about myself. Brigite

Reflections from Bristol days:

“As I experienced Art therapy - it was the journey through colour and clay. Colour and the choice of theme live with me most! Water colours, veil painting and oil are all used. Each giving a different experience of colour.

Clay - well what can I say about clay - I had hated clay but with Jenny I experienced the surprise of discovering clay through the simplest forms which gradually evolved into more complicated forms.

I also learnt HOW I approached Life - rapidly, expecting results which I had already defined..... I learnt about colour. Again I had been afraid of colour and what it brings me.”

Hermione Legg, Bristol,2008.

“I have found it a wonderful process to sink into-a way of physically expressing creatively whilst staying in the heart – and Jenny is a wonderful, gentle yet supportive and illuminating facilitator.”

Lizzie Bryant, Dorset, July 2009

“As usual the workshop creates its own sacred space where all are safe to explore, to expose themselves and to share their tender being. One peels off several overcoats …. in these safe and beautiful times. What do I take away? A memory of calm and timeless shared being.”

Rosemary Burton, Bristol.

“I learnt how to approach the drawing of plants by engaging with the heart, not the technical head. Thank you, a lovely weekend.”

Clare, Bristol July 2009