come to my web-site!       I hope you will find something here to capture your interest.

My aim is to offer ways to enrich our soul life through creative processes and through engaging with Nature on a healing restorative path for body, soul and spirit and for the Earth herself.

I compose a seasonal newsletter on this web-site and update the events that take place at my studio overlooking the Northumbrian coastal village of Alnmouth.

  •  I run themed workshops throughout the cycle of the year,                                                                 introducing art therapy techniques and fun exercises.
  •  I offer individual sessions of artistic therapy.
 New for Autumn 2018

Demeter and Persephone 

Workshops on the theme of                                                                                                                                          Painting colour moods in Watercolour or oil


3 Wednesday morning sessions,

 October 24th and 31st

 and November 7th                 

   The theme will follow through the 3 sessions


3 Saturday Full Day Sessions

 17th, 24th November, and 1st December

Each of these workshop is  stand-alone.


Please contact me if you are interested.