Volunteer Information

Mentors needed

To be interviewed for becoming a mentor, or for additional information, send an e-mail to wwttalk@gmail.com


  • Mature adult (male or female), educated, caring, good communication skills for listening, providing practical and insightful feedback and counsel;

  • able to relate to a wide range of personalities and to have empathy with a wide range of personal needs;

  • a willingness to learn about the human resources available in the community and to patiently provide time and opportunity for the client to make use of those resources;

  • commitment to help your client achieve independent living and job stability;

  • willing to commit to 5-10 hours of mentoring per month;

  • able to accept informal, individualized mentor training provided by WWTT and attend an orientation at the VPRJ

  • a criminal background check is required to be approved for access to mentees in the jail.


The WWTT training manual will be provided and new mentors will be paired with experienced ones at the outset so they can effectively learn this role.