Back Seat & Cushions


Qty      Item                                                               Price

         Rear Seat Frame                                          $264.99

         Rear Seat Pivot Bracket                              $33.98

         Rear Seat Retaining Hook                           $29.98

         Rear Seat Retaining Pivot                            $17.98

         Rear Seat to Wheel housing Support           $39.98

         Seat Cover & Cushion Rear Seat Bottom   $84.99

         Seat Cover & Cushion Rear Seat Upper     $74.99

         Seat Cover & Cushion Hardware Kit          $17.50

                                                                       Total: $564.39

Time: 5 Hours


Back Seat Area and Tool Boxes

Back of Tailgate and Back Seat Area

Back Seat & Drivers Side Tool Box Area

Back Seat & Passengers Side Tool Box Area  


Seat with Seat belts

Back Seat Area Up

Back Seat Down