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May 20,2016

Congratulation to all of the seniors in WV FCCLA. Carry on the things you learned and the memories you have into your future. Thank you for being an FCCLA Member and thank you for being open to new people in FCCLA.

April 19, 2016
As the spring conference comes to a close, this will be my far well up-date. I wish everyone the best of luck at nationals and wish the new officers luck with the 2016-2017 year. Please visit the star and state event page to see all winners.

February 8, 2016

From getting dumped
on by feet of snow to a hopeful early spring.  We here at WV FCCLA LOVE
to announce that the Spring Conference of 2016 will be held at Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV.
Early Arrivals on April 11, 2016 and April 12th and 13th for the activities. 

February 6,2016
FCCLA Week 2016~

February 7-1

EMPOWER Yourself During National FCCLA Week Using These Idea-Starters and Initiatives 

FCCLA Week Proclamation 2016

National FCCLA Week will take place February 7-13, 2016, and will feature the following themes for each day: 

Monday, February 8 – “Media Monday” (media outreach/media blitz) – EMPOWERED TO RAISE OUR VOICES

Use this day to reach out to your local media and share some stories from your school or chapter. What role is FCCLA playing in your community? What positive impact is your chapter having on your school, in your town, etc.? Do the local newspapers and news stations know about FCCLA? Today is a great day to invite them to your school to see FCCLA up close, and maybe do the local weather report or attend an FCCLA rally. You’ve worked very hard to make your chapter and FCCLA great. Raise your voices and let people know! 

Tuesday, February 9 – “Team Tuesday” (partner advocacy) – POWER OF PARTNERSHIP

As our partner in the FCCLA National Outreach Project, Lead2Feed is giving our students the opportunity to lead, create, and implement team projects that alleviate hunger in their communities. Each year, student teams compete for a chance to win over $275,000 in charity grants and $150,000 in technology grants for schools. The best part is that the work of your chapter and any prizes benefit your community. What can your chapter do to compete for these grants while simultaneously benefitting your local community? Find out by visiting http://www.lead2feed.org/how-to-participate/join/.

Wednesday, February 10 – “We Wear Red Wednesday” (member pride/member recognition) – TURNING “ME” INTO “WE”

You’ll definitely want to wear red on this day! Then use the day to recognize the members in your chapter and the impact your chapter has on your school and local community. Can you convince your whole school to wear red and take a school selfie to celebrate your FCCLA pride and all that FCCLA is doing to make school better and more fun?


Thursday, February 11 – “Thankful Thursday” (#WhyWeLoveFCCLA) – HOW HAS FCCLA EMPOWERED YOU?

This is a great day to take to social media and share a personal FCCLA story. How and why did you get involved? What is the best part of being a member of FCCLA, and how has the organization shaped your thinking, your college or career readiness, and your life? Be sure to tag your posts #WhyWeLoveFCCLA so the national office can share your story and help empower others!


Friday, February 12 – “FACS Friday” (In support of Family and Consumers Sciences education and “Say Yes to FCS”) – EMPOWERING FUTURE GENERATIONS

Now more than ever, the value of Family and Consumer Sciences education is being questioned at the state and national level with budget cuts and decreased educational funding. YOU are proof of the value and importance of this education. Share your story and let your voice be heard! Visit your local representatives and let them see how and why FCS education is working. Host a school rally. Do all you can to keep Family and Consumer Sciences education funding safe for those coming behind you. What better way to empower an entire generation!

 October 2, 2015

FALL COMPETITIONS: Turn in at Fall Conference

TSHIRT DESIGN: Students will design the Spring Conference T-Shirt-     Short Sleeve shirt, print on front and/or back - no more than 3 colors
Theme: The Amazing Race

The poster will become the program cover for
Spring Conference:
Must represent The Amazing Race

September 30, 2015

    Hello FACS Teacher,
Fall Conference is going to be held at a slightly different time. November 3rd will be the conference beginning at 9 am. We will have lodging available for early arrivals beginning at 7 pm on November 2nd.
Location: Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV
    Day of Conference attendance only: 35 (student and advisers) Chaperone 15
    Early Arrival: 75 (students and advisers) Chaperone 55
Chapters are responsible for contacting Cedar Lakes for lodging arrangements for their bus drivers.
Registration  INFO
Password:    fall2015
Registration due October 15
WVFCCLA looks forward to see you!
                                Mrs. Files

September 22, 2015
     "Fall Is in Bloom as Autumn has start in FCCLA and may it lead to new changes." ~Melissa Jiannotti

Fall FCCLA State Conference

    The FCCLA Fall Conference will be located in the beautiful area of Cedar Lakes Ripley, WV. Each and every member will experience fun group activities, FCCLA friendships and a bonfire to end the trip.

Please see the Fall Conference Page for more information.