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I am an Associate Professor at the Mathematics Department of Stockholm University, Sweden.

Academic mailing address: 
Department of Mathematics
Stockholm University
 SE-10691 Sweden
Email Address: wushijig (at) gmail (dot) com

Office: House 6, Room 107 (I have moved from room 110 nearby)
Office Hours: By appointment -- please email me to set up a time if you want to meet.

Joint KTH-Stockholm University Algebra and Geometry Seminar: AG-seminar
Stockholm Number Theory Seminar: NT-seminar
Séminaire Bourbaki in Paris bourbaki

1. The Griffiths bundle is generated by groups

2. (with Jean-Stefan Koskivirta) Strata Hasse invariants, Hecke algebras and Galois representations  

 3. Stability of degenerate limits of discrete series under functoriality


9. (with Jean-Stefan Koskivirta) Quasi-constant characters: Motivation, classification and applications
Adv. in Math. 339 (2018), pp. 336-366

8. (with Jean-Stefan Koskivirta) Automorphic vector bundles with global sections on G-Zip^Z-schemes

Compositio Math.154 (2018), pp. 2586–2605


7 (with Jean-Stefan Koskivirta) Stratification of flag spaces and functoriality. IMRN, to appear                                                         

6. (with Marc-Hubert Nicole) The $\mu$-ordinary Hasse invariant of unitary Shimura varietiesJ. reine angew. Math. 728 (2017), pp. 137–151. 
Notes: Merges our two previous preprints,  "A \mu-ordinary Hasse invariant" (arXiv:1302.1614v2) and "The \mu-ordinary Hasse invariant of unitary Shimura varieties" (arXiv:1305.6956v1). 

5. An introduction to the Langlands correspondence. pp. 333-367  of "Recent Advances in Hodge Theory: Period Domains, Algebraic Cycles, and Arithmetic". Proceedings of a conference held at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Vancouver, Canada in June 2013. Matt Kerr and Gregory Pearlstein editors, Cambridge University Press, 2016.  intro-vancouver.pdf  
Notes: Based on three expository lectures given at the above conference.

4.  Galois Representations Associated to Holomorphic Limits of Discrete Series. With an appendix by Sug Woo Shin. 

Compositio Math. 150  (2014) pp.191-228

galois hlds.pdf

3. A new proof of Belyi's Theorem

J. Number Theory 135 (2014) pp. 151-154:

  belyi new proof.pdf      

2. Unifying Themes Suggested by Belyi's Theorem

pp. 181--214 of Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry (Serge Lang Memorial Volume). D. Goldfeld, J. Jorgenson, P. Jones, D. Ramakrishnan, K. Ribet, J. Tate eds. Springer-Verlag, 2011.

1. Dynamics of the w function and primes
J. Number Theory 119 (2006) pp. 86-98:

w function.pdf