Whether you are a student working on a paper or an aspiring novelist, Jennifer can expertly guide you through the entire writing process. A former teacher of high school English and Journalism and a current creative writing instructor, Jennifer has worked with writers of all ages, from students to published authors. Please contact Jennifer to find out how she might be able to help with your specific project.


As a patient of chronic illness, Jennifer understands how writing can be used as a healing tool. In addition to writing about her own illnesses, Jennifer helps others to record their narratives in ways that allow people to process feelings and better communicate with caregivers. If you are a patient, caregiver or practitioner interested in a narrative medicine project, please contact Jennifer to set up a consultation.


Jennifer is in high demand during the college application season. She's well-versed in the techniques that make an essay catch the eye of an admissions counselor, and has helped many students shape their ideas into powerful, articulate essays that truly showcase the students' personalities and values. For help brainstorming, revising and editing (but not writing--that's your job!) please contact Jennifer to set up a consultation. All students who work with Jennifer on college application essays receive a signed copy of her guidebook, The Easy Part Was Getting In: A College Handbook.