Classmate Finder

 The plan is for it to return some day.  In the meantime, the next time you see your Class of '03 Compadres, just ask - "Hey, have you updated your info at, yet?"  ;)

It is our greatest hope to be able to invite as many of our classmates as possible to the 2014 Reunion Events and all future WRHS Class of 2003 events.  In order to accomplish this, we need contact information for as many people as we can get.  As of January 2014, we can only account for just under 40% of you, and we would like that number to be much higher.

In an effort to reach out for your assistance, but maintain the security all of our personal information, we have created this search tool.  Please take a moment to think about that long-lost friend from High School, or maybe even a friend that you see quite frequently, and see if we have their information on file.  If not, please help us find them.  

We will never sell your, or other classmates' contact information, and we won't share it unless you've given consent (via the Reunion Survey or Contact Information Form).  

Help Us Find Our Classmates