If you are interested in making a donation of any kind, please send an email to


The most common misconception about high school reunions is that the events are planned and coordinated by the school.

In reality, it's up to us, the Alumni to do it ourselves.

While sometimes there is a sometimes a cost associated with attending events, please know that our goal is to host different events over the years allowing as many people to attend as possible. It was a lot of work, but we really enjoyed the first one. It is safe to assume that major milestone year events will come with admission. We expect to hold casual events in a pot-luck or food truck style setting as well. Your families are part of our community now too, and sometimes it's just nice to get together, enjoy some food, and catch up with each other.

No matter where our lives take us, we will always be part of a great community with a lasting legacy - the Wheat Ridge High School Class of 2003. When the Reunion Planning Committee formed, we decided that it would not be solely to plan the event in 2014, but hopefully to help maintain the Legacy of our Community for the rest of our lives.

In the spirit of many years of future reunions, volunteer events, we are always happy to accept donations.

Here's what we're looking for at the present time:

  1. Monetary Donations
    • Monetary donations will be used for various WRHS03 Planning Committee and event costs such as, but not necessarily limited to:
      • Technology Services (we try to keep these as cheap or free as possible)
      • Event & Service Deposits
      • Event Food, Snack or Beverage purchase.
      • Park and Facility Reservation Fees


No money donated (or spent on admission) is ever provided as a wage or salary to members of the Planning Committee (we don't get paid for this at all). Money may however be used to reimburse Committee members for services that they maintain or complete on behalf of the group, such as those mentioned above.

For any business that donates, we will be happy to place your Company Logo, Contact Information and a hyperlink to your website or contact email on our Businesses Page.

In the interest of personal privacy, we don't generally post the names of individuals who donate without their direct request and consent, however, we would also be happy to recognize you publicly (see below for some examples), list you as Anonymous, or list the donation as being in honor of another party. Consent must be given in writing by the other party (or the appropriate legal authority for that party, whether they be alive or deceased) for their name to be posted.

We reserve the right to decline receipt of a donation from any individual or business for any reason.

We also reserve the right to place restriction or prohibition on any and all text and graphics associated with individuals or businesses should we deem any proposed or requested content as inappropriate for this website. We do not wish for you to make a donation and not receive desired recognition, so please discuss with us before the donation is completed.


Publicly Recognized Donations:

  • Various Anonymous Parties - Initial group startup costs and 2014 reunion kickoff -2013 & 2014
  • Various Anonymous Parties - Organization Functions - Ongoing
  • Various businesses who donated services or gave discounts. Please see business listed on the Business Page.