Cheironmectin Plus

Cheironmectin Plus

EQUIMAX analogue (Ivermectin, Praziquantel)


Cheironmectin Plus ( Equimax analogue)
50mg Ivermectin, Praziquantel 625mg
40 pills bottle - treats 20 Horses
Dosage: 1 pill / 550 lbs weight - 2 pills for an adult Horse

Pills are Sugar-apple flavored.Horses eat them easily,either fed by hand or crumbled and mixed in the grain.

Broad Spectrum Horse wormer - Gets all worms (tapeworms included)
treat once every 2 months

Here is my recommended Rotation Scheme for Horse De-worming:
(in order to avoid worm resistance)
January/February  - fenbendazole
March/April  -   ivermectin
May/June    -   pyrantel pamoate
July/August   -  fenbendazole
September/October  -  ivermectin
November/December     -    pyrantel pamoate

Cheironmectin Plus (Equimax analogue)

1 pill contains: Ivermectin 50mg,Praziquantel 625mg

30 pills - 50.00$   (15 horses bottle)

Dosage: 2 pills for a 1100 lbs horse



More info or to place an order: EMAIL ME

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