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Creation of a TennisDatabase for the pre-open area & the open area !
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Final Database 1877-2009:
Main tennis finals in the world, from 1877 to 2009:
    v Women Database...
    v Men Database...

Statistics are based on the data gathered in the above databases...
Other statistics can be extracted upon request.
    v Women statistics:
        Total number of titles  (1879-2009)


Total number of titles per year   (1879-2009)



    v Men statistics:
         Total number of titles:
            ð Amateurs & professionals, pre-open & open (1877-2009)
            ð Amateurs, pre-open area (1877-1968)
            ð Professionals, pre-open area (1911-1968) 
         Total number of titles per year
            ð Amateurs & professionals, pre-open & open (1877-2009)
            ð Amateurs, pre-open area (1877-1968) 
            ð Professionals, pre-open area (1911-1968) 
    v Other data

Main sources:
wtaworld (thanks to AndrewT and Rollo... and others)
"The History of Professional Tennis", Joe McCauley
Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanacks...
Lowe's Lawn Tennis Almanack...
Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanack...
Other sources:
"The Goddess and the American girl - The story of Suzanne Lenglen and Helen Wills", Larry Engelmann
"Histoire du tennis", Pierre Albarran, Henri Cochet
"My life with the Pros", Bud Collins
"Open Tennis 1968-1988", Richard Evans
"Rosewall, twenty years at the top", Peter Rowley with Ken Rosewall
Other Links:
    Many videos can be seen... (even from the early 20s with Lenglen, for example)