Project List, Educational Publishing

Major projects/topics on which I have worked as writer, content editor, and/or contributing editor:

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation:

  • United States History (online/interactive product)

  • Language/Vocabulary Acquisition text (online)

National Geographic Learning:

    • Big Bend National Park

    • Great Plains

    • Geography and Culture of China

    • Cordoba, Argentina

    • Navajo Code Talkers

    • The Great Basin and the Mountain West

    • Native Americans of the Southwest

Heinemann Publishing:

  • The Peculiar Platypus

  • Coconut: The Tree of Life

  • Hidden Dangers of the Great Barrier Reef

Scott Foresman:

  • World History (Gr. 6, Student Edition and Teacher Edition)

  • History and Life (High School World History, SE)

  • United States History (Gr. 5, SE and TE)

  • Late United States History (SE, TE, ancillaries)

  • Social Studies, Gr. 3-6, Texas, National, Florida (SE, TE, ancillaries, tests)

  • World Geography, HS (SE)

  • Native Americans (SE and TE)

  • Canada and South America (SE and TE)

  • James Cook: Changing the Map of the World

  • John Smith and the Survival of Jamestown

  • The Search for Land, Gold, and a New Life

  • The Growing United States

  • Sailing for India

  • The Pursuit of Spices

  • Life in the Sea

  • Unexpected Music

  • Vocabulary Workbooks, Gr. 3-6

  • Literature, Gr. 6-12

  • Reading, Gr. 3-6 (SE, TE)

  • ESL, Gr. 3-6 (ancillaries)

  • TAKS Tests, Gr. 1-6 (test prep for Texas)

Prentice Hall:

  • Writing and Composition, Gr. 6-12, Texas and National (Student Editions, Teacher Editions, and ancillaries)

  • English Literature, Gr. 12, Texas and National (SE, TE, and ancillaries)

  • Novel Guides, Gr. 6-12 (ancillaries)

  • ESL, Gr. 6-12 (ancillaries)

McDougal Littell:

  • American History, HS (SE)

  • California History, HS (ancillaries and materials for web site and CD-ROMs)

  • World Geography, HS (SE, TE, ancillaries)

  • Literature, Gr. 8-12 (ancillaries, tests)

Glencoe/McGraw Hill:

  • Literature, High School, (SE and TE)

  • Literature, Middle School (tests, ancillaries)


  • U.S. History, High School, (SE)

  • Literature, High School (Grade 11 SE and TE)

Perfection Learning:

  • The Essential Guide to Language, Writing, and Literature

  • High School Grammar Handbook(3 different editions)

  • High School Language Usage Handbook

  • Middle School and High School Reading and Writing ancillaries

  • Middle School Literature Handbook

Pearson Education:

  • U.S. History, Grades 5 and 6 (SE and TE)

Barat Education Foundation:

  • United States Government (online/interactive product)

  • Illinois Government (online/interactive product)

  • Illinois History (online/interactive product)

Riverside Publishing:

  • Tests and Test Preparation ancillary

South-Western Educational Publishers:

  • Consumer Economics, HS (wrote TE)

  • Business Ethics, HS (SE)

  • Human Relations, HS (SE, TE)

  • Personal Development for Business, HS (PE, TE, ancillaries)

  • Business Writing HS (SE)

  • Communications HS (SE)

All material copyrighted: artwork ©Darch Clampitt; text and photos ©Cynthia Clampitt