Working Party on Criticality (WPC)

WPC Continuing Professional Development Webinar: 

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Links to the slides from WPC CPD webinars can be found on the WPC Webinars page

The webinars are open to anyone with an interest in criticality safety. Contact, or for further details or for an invitation to the webinar series.

Forthcoming Events  

14-16 May 2024 ANSWERS Seminar

9-12 June 2024 ANS Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, USA

14-18 Sept 2025 ANS Nuclear Criticality Safety Division Topical Meeting, Austin, Texas

Latest News

2023 WPC Workshop - ALARP

Positive feedback has been received from the 70+ attendees who were at the 2023 WPC workshop on 23 November, representing a large proportion of the UK criticality community. The workshops have been running since 2023 and form a core part of the WPC objective of sharing learning within industry. 

The topic this year was the application of ALARP, with particular focus on criticality safety and criticality emergency planning. The presentations from the workshop can be found on the WPC workshops page

Many thanks to Nuclear Transport Solutions who sponsored the event, those involved in its organisation and the presenters.

Revision to WPC Good Practice Guide endorsed by Safety Directors Forum

The following revision was endorsed in November 2023

International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC 2023)

The International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC 2023) was hosted by JAEA in Sendai, Japan from 1 - 5 October.  The conference attracted over 250 participants from around the world with over 30 attending from the UK.

Some of the UK attendees at ICNC 2023

Links to Criticality Awareness and Training Resources and WPC Good Practice Guides

Criticality Awareness and Training Resources: Links have been added to a series of videos and other material providing criticality awareness and also more detailed training resources.

Links to WPC Good Practice Guides: Links have been added below (see 'WPC Papers') to give general access to published WPC Good Practice Guides.

Who We Are

The Working Party on Criticality (WPC) is a non-executive UK national committee focussing on criticality safety issues up to, but not including, experimental and in-core power reactor operations. WPC is a formal sub-group of the Safety Directors Forum. The issues considered are relevant to fabrication, transportation, storage and other operations relating to nuclear materials (e.g. new build, enrichment, reprocessing, decommissioning and long-term waste management).

What is Criticality Safety?

For a brief introduction to what criticality safety is all about see the following: What is Criticality Safety?