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Who We Are

The Working Party on Criticality (WPC) is a non-executive UK national committee focussing on criticality safety issues up to, but not including, experimental and in-core power reactor operations. WPC is a formal sub-group of the Safety Directors Forum.
The issues considered are relevant to fabrication, transportation, storage and other operations relating to nuclear materials (e.g. new build, enrichment, reprocessing, decommissioning and long-term waste management).
  • WPC Scope and Objectives
  • WPC Members
    • WPC members comprise Nuclear Site Licensees and other organisations with an interest in criticality safety.
  • WPC Sub-groups
    • WPC has a number of sub-groups to cover specific topic areas. Participation in sub-groups is not restricted to WPC members. Current groups include:
      • Criticality Assessment of Fissile Wastes
      • Nuclear Codes and Data
      • Good Practices in the use of Criticality Codes
      • Subcritical margins
      • Fault Analysis techniques
      • Learning from Experience
  • WPC Workshops
    • WPC run an annual workshop to provide opportunities for less experienced practitioners to gain experience on a wide range of technical issues. The workshops also provide an opportunity to improve communication between less experienced members of the criticality community.
  • WPC Papers
      • Since the 1970s over 280 WPC papers have produced. These cover a range of topics from:
        • meeting reports
        • formal WPC position papers
        • sub-group reports
        • technical papers contributed by members to document their activities for future reference.

    What is Criticality Safety?

    For a brief introduction to what criticality safety is all about see the following: What is Criticality Safety?

    Forthcoming Events  

     PHYSOR 202029 March - 2 April 2020 Cambridge
     ANSWERS Seminar19 - 21 May 2020 Haven Hotel, Poole
      WPC Meeting 20 May 2020 Haven Hotel, Poole
      ANS Summer MeetingJune 2020  Arizona
       WPC Meeting November 2020 TBA
      ANS Winter MeetingNovember 2020  Chicago