Global Vision & Media Literacy: Who benefits? Who loses? Whose voices?

Seeing Power:Advertising the Truth

Things to Read

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

The Omnivore's Dilemma

listen to the author


Food Politics

Fast Food Nation 

Stolen Harvest author Vendana Shiva

Other Vandana Shiva articles

5 Foods You Should Not Eat (The Ecologist Magazine)

5 Beauty Products to Avoid (The Ecologist Magazine)

Adbuster Magazine

 Films to Watch (check out links)

The True Cost of Food

The Real Dirt on Farmer John 

Our Daily Bread

The Story of the Neem Seed

The Future of Food

China Blue

Black Gold

The Corporation

The Ad & The Ego


Merchants of Cool

Killing Us Softly 


➢Who's Got the Power? How Advertising Manufactures Consumers, Discontent, and Destruction (an abridged interactive powerpoint that invites the viewer to take control)-- FULL VERSION FOR CLASS VIEWING ON 5/20 & 21


 ➢Advertising the Truth: An Adaptation of a Bill Bigelow Assignment

  How to Make An Anti-Ad (you tube) 

How to make an anti-ad (Teacher Tube)

This short video provides a model and examples for students wishing to make their own anti-ads.Includes student footage

  See  Student Anti-Ad Models



Evolution A film that exposed the manipulation of the female image in the media, ironically the film promotes a campaign sponsored by Dove, a corporation whose goal it is to sell you their  product

Other Links



FARMER LAURA-47th Ave Farm 


Food First

Navdanya: Food & Seed Sovereignty

Modern Meat (click on Industrial Meat & Inside the Slaghterhouse)

Global Exchange

Indigenous People's Council on Biocolonialism

Earth Justice Legal Defense


Pesticide Action Network

Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

National Labor Coalition

Sweatshop Watch

Behind the Label


Union of Concerned Scientists

Pesticide Action Network