Worcestershire Police History 1833 - 1967

If you are looking for information concerning a police officer who served in the Worcestershire Constabulary or one of the various forces that existed in the County up until 1967 then we hope to be able to help you. Our research is continuing so our records are regularly updated. Do let us know when you search the records so we know about your enquiry which we will keep on record.

Photo to left - Superintendent Rudnick (holding bike) with officers at Cakemore Police Station, 1913.

Photos below (L-R) - Superintendent Frank Jones and his driver (PC Douglas Hebdige) at Bromsgrove c1925 in a Standard 9.5hp Rhyl motor car.

The public counter at Worcester Police Station, Castle Street 1946.

Inspection of Auxiliary Policewomen at Castle Street Police Station, 1943




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